Wild Ways: Corridors of Life explores the cutting edge of Conservation Biology to discover how the world's parks and preserves can be connected and better function as the last enclaves of wild nature.

Today most wildlife remaining on Planet Earth are confined to designated parks and preserves. These protected areas, from the Serengeti Plains to Yellowstone National Park, are crucial - but they are fast becoming islands of nature in a sea of human development, which places these animals in danger of extinction.  Wild Ways: Corridors of Life probes a promising solution to the world wide fragmentation of wildlife habitat – Connectivity Conservation.

Wild Ways takes viewers around the world to some of the most dramatic natural areas on earth where conservation biologists are helping vanishing species with innovative solutions. We learn what elephants, lions, elk, grizzly bears, tigers, and jaguars need:  room to roam, neighboring populations for genetic diversity, and connected ecosystems that allow migration and adaptation to a changing climate.

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Wild Ways will be distributed to an international television audience. In the United States it is featured on the award-winning PBS science series NOVA. Through this film and Wild Ways: The Campaign, we will ignite a global dialogue on the critical topic of habitat conservation, inspiring many millions of viewers to become engaged.
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photo credit: Boyd Norton